Cade Museum Prize

An annual competition to encourage Florida's early inventors and entrepreneurs.

Final Four Announced

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention is pleased to announce the Final Four contestants for the 5th Annual Cade Museum Prize of $50,000. Each year, this award is funded by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida and given to a Florida individual or company that is taking an original idea or product to market.

The four entries include a simple diagnostic test to detect ovarian cancer (Boca Raton), a mobile app that detects tagged items everywhere (Gainesville), a process that recovers and generates nutrients, energy, and water from wastes (Tampa), and software that can make 3D models of anything (Gainesville).  

Over 80 teams entered this year's competition.  The Final Four were selected by three successive panels of judges drawn from around the state and the country. All of the judges - over 30 in total - were entrepreneurs, inventors, or people familiar with emerging technologies.  

On May 8, the four teams will make live pitches to a new panel of three judges from outside the state. That evening, at a gala event presented by RTI Surgicalin Gainesville's Santa Fe College's Fine Arts Hall, the Museum will announce which entry won the $50,000 prize.  Tickets for Prize Night are now on sale

(Final Four in alphabetical order by company)


Impact Medical Strategies

Bcl2 Diagnostic Kit - A urine test to detect ovarian cancer

Contact: Arunodoy Sur,

Boca Raton


Bubble - An app that detects tagged items in all environments.

Contact: Blake Matson,



Recovers and generates nutrients, energy, and water from waste.

Contact: Daniel Yeh,



Reality API - Software that makes 3D models of anything.

Contact: Amir Rubin,


2014 Cade Museum Prize Timeline

December 1, 2013      Entries accepted  

January 31, 2014        Last day for entries

March 11, 2014           Sweet 16 Announced

March 20, 2014       Sweet 16 Reception at Innovation Hub in Gainesville

April 9, 2014              Final Four Announced

May 8, 2014               Cade Museum Prize Night, Santa Fe College, Gainesville

What is the Cade Museum Prize for Innovation?

3rd Annual Cade Museum Prize - May 11, 2012 from TWO-HEAD VIDEO on Vimeo.

The Cade Museum Prize, launched in 2010, is an incentive competition for early-stage inventors and entrepreneurs in Florida.  The primary goal of the $50,000 prize is to provide seed capital and publicity for great ideas that are moving in the direction towards a product or service.  While we accept all types of entries, the most competitive are those in the early stages that are developing a truly innovative idea.  We also believe in the power of a team and favor ideas with a multi-disciplinary team (or company) formed for the purpose of advancing the idea. 

Entries are accepted beginning in December of each year and the winner is announced the following May.   The judging is divided into four rounds, with the Sweet 16 finalists announced after Round 2 and the Final Four after Round 3.  Over 30 judges - made up of entrepreneurs, technology transfer experts, venture capitalists, and academics - take part in the evaluation of the entries throughout the four rounds. 

The Prize received 90 entries in 2013 and was won by NanoPhotonica of Orlando for an S-QLED display panel that is 60% cheaper and uses 50% power than conventional displays.  The runner ups were Green Liquid and Gas Technologies of Gainesville for a pyrolizer that converts solid waste to energy using advanced thermal technology; Didrick Medical of Ft. Myers for the X-Finger, advanced artificial finger prosthetic used by military veterans and children; and Partender, a B2B mobile SaaS solution that quickly calculates the volume of liquids in bottles to reduce the time it takes to do inventory from 6 hours to 15 minutes.